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Stability Solutions

Ustabilize® is a first of its kind mobile gaming platform which allows users to objectively measure, track and share human balance and stability using our trade secret stability algorithm.

IGotBalance App

Using the mobile app, users can score their stability in any position or movement pattern, practice their stability, as well as challenge friends and family to see who can win the Ustabilize® Challenge.

Ustabilize® Pro Account

As a Pro Account User you have access to a larger amounts of Stability Stages. You also have the stability to create and send Stability Classes to other Ustabilize® Users

The Ustabilize® Board

Coming Soon!!!

Why Do Ustabilize?

“I never realized how essential stability is to everything I do. I can run faster and my back pain has improved dramatically.”

Monica M

“I am a Yoga instructutor and I believe stability is essential to all of our movements. I’m proud to say ‘I Got Balance’ and I don’t intend to lose it.”

Barbara D

“My golf swing has never been better. I drive the ball farther, straighter and with more control.”

Matt H

Stability Stages


Basic Sitting Exercise.


Standing Feet Apart
Standing Feet Together

Tandem Standing

Right Foot in Front of Left
Left Foot in Front of Right

Single Leg Standing

Standing on Right Leg
Standing on Left Leg

Balance Board

Coming Soon.
Turn your Mobile Device into a Mobile Stability Game System.

Sport Stability Packs

Running Golf, Surfing, Skiing, Snowboarding and more to come...